Writing to Children

A small fact about me that not many of my friends know is that I love to write. I’ve written over 100 poems, a few published. I have written dozens of short stories, some as long as 40 pages. My husband jokes that I have enough journals to fill a small library (or at least a basket). 🙂 No wonder I blog, right?

But among my collection of journals, I have one that I hold very very close to my heart. It isn’t my children’s journals (yes, I keep one for each of them), nor is it my personal one, or my quote journal. It is a journal that I have dedicated to my children.

It is everything I want them to know, what I hope for their futures. It is what I want them to learn, even if I can’t teach it perfectly. In this journal, I am direct, sincere, emotional, and exposed to everything. I want them to truly know what I value. It is my testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, it is my values, my thoughts, and not just mine, my husband’s too. It is my efforts in words, in black and white, even if I cannot live them perfectly. I want them to know what I strive for.

They won’t understand or appreciate this journal for many years, but I hope that someday they can read it, and understand what family, what our family is about.

I read this article about mothers and daughters and it made me smile. 🙂
Among the many things in my journal to my children, this ongoing letter I have to the adult versions of them, I have a list of things I think mothers and children should do. As I read this list of things mothers and daughters should do I thought of the list I have made and what fun stuff I included in it.

Here are a few things I’ve listed of things that every child should do:

Laugh everyday
Watch Shirley Temple when you’re sick
Reading marathon whenever it rains or snows
Dance in the kitchen…daily (we do this one religously) 🙂
Ice blocking & Sledding
Jump in piles of leaves
Bake together
Paint our nails
Go fishing
Build Forts! The biggest forts ever!
Press flowers
Movie marathons
Play in the dirt (I hated it, but I think it’s a right of passage) 🙂
Play sports, try all of them.
Play instruments – at least try some.
Have hobbies.
Learn Cats Craddle
Experience life!
My list goes on for pages, but those are a few of my favorites.
Another fact about me, I love classic movies. I prefer them over modern movies 99% of the time. I am almost as familiar with actors from the 30’s and 40’s etc. as I am with the actors of today. Here are some of my favorite pictures of mothers from the era I should have been born in…at least one of the eras. 🙂 I want photos like these with my kiddies!
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