What I Told My Kids About the Easter Bunny

We celebrate Easter in our family. But we do it a bit different than perhaps other families, but that is what family traditions are.

Our kids don’t really make a big deal of the Easter bunny, but because we believe in the magic of holidays, we do allow the Easter bunny to visit our home.

I seriously hate the bunny. I don’t understand where he came from, his purpose, or what he has to do with the holiday. Other holidays, like Christmas, Santa helps to spread the spirit of giving. He compliments the true meaning of Christmas. But the bunny has no message – no significance; just chocolate and eggs. I don’t get it.

Our kids are 6, 4 and 2. And two years ago we talked to our kids about the Easter bunny. We told them he was just visiting to celebrate spring, and that all of the gifts in the basket were from mom and dad. Yep – we told them. We shared that the bunny comes to check on them, leave candy, and hides the eggs we leave out; but the gifts are from us.

Our kids still get excited for the Easter bunny to visit and hide the eggs – but when the gifts are not from him – they were able to think about the real purpose behind the holiday and why we celebrate the resurrection of Christ.


Maybe I’m too anal about these things, but I refuse to let my kids make another holiday about receiving stuff they don’t need when it should be centered on Christ.

We have certain traditions we do on every year. We always have the scripture Easter egg hunt. We take walks around the nearest temple (weather permitting), and we try to make a dessert together. These are not majorly significant but they help us spend Easter Sunday in a way that is different than others and still focuses on the right aspects of the holiday.

I would LOVE to hear what you and your families do to make it a special holiday, or how do you approach the Easter bunny situation?

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