We Are Building a House

Moving is exhausting!

We didn’t plan on moving, we hadn’t even really considered it. Of course building a home has always been a dream, but we assumed we were still a couple years from being able to make it a reality.

Within a couple of weeks of our 5 year mark of being in our first home, our realtor emailed us a congratulatory note. One email led to another and we quickly learned that the market value of our home, and the equity we had in it was more than double what we had estimated.

So we started discussing our options. The Parade of Homes was during this time so we toured several houses, my husband also went on a guy’s boating trip to Lake Powell where several of his friends shared investment tips about real estate. We had a lot of “help” moving towards our decision to finally go through and build a house.

But we decided that rather than selling our current home, we were going to make it an investment property and rent it out. And so the journey of of building a new home began.

If you’ve ever built a home, bravo, you survived. 🙂 Well, here are a few photos from our process of building and things we considered along the way.


When we decided to build, we had to have a west-facing lot. We wanted a shaded back yard – something we never considered when buying our first home.


One of my biggest requirements was to have a separated laundry room, mud room, and walk-in pantry. I didn’t want a small closet for a pantry, and I really wanted separated spaces for all three.


Because I love photography, and I’ve spent the last 5 years of my business rotating my “studio” equipment from room to room to finally a closet in our last house, I wanted a designated space just for my studio stuff. And here it is. I cannot wait to set it up, organize it, and turn on my wonderful lights.


When I used to day-dream about my future home layout, an open floor plan was never really a want of mine. Then I became a mom, and it’s the only thing that seems to make sense anymore. 🙂


I know my personality enough to know and understand that I need natural light, and a LOT of it. Without big windows, natural light, and access to outside I get down and almost claustrophobic. So when it came time to plan our fireplace and windows – I added three windows above the mantel. The more natural light, the better!

Though these are just a few aspects of the hundreds we considered when building our house, they make the world of difference for our family. Check out the rest of my OCD requirements, lessons learned, and checklists we did on our way to getting our new home.


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  1. I can’t wait to follow your house! I am doing all of this with our Lake House right now! Maybe we should compare notes? Lol! It really is nice to have a blogging community to help with all the decisions that go into a new home.

  2. I love watching the progress on your house. It seems like it changes fast, because you don’t post pictures every day. I’m sure it seems slow to you though.

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