Waiting For a Storm

I have been so blessed in my life. We have trials, but sometimes I think how subtle our trials are compared to others.

I am not waiting for anything bad to happen in my life, and I don’t believe that everyone experiences one BIG bad trial. But life experiences have slowly taught me different. I had a family friend visit recently and she commented that she has a mental check list of the things her family has experienced and conquered; death, divorce, cancer, infertility, and the list went on. As she made the list of trials that have made her and her family stronger I couldn’t help but be amazed at her standing there. Many people cannot seem to overcome one of these obstacles, but yet she stood there happy, faithful, and strong.

When I count my blessings I am overcome with gratitude, but a little part of me stings, humbles me, and puts a tiny seed of worry. I begin to ponder what we haven’t been tried with, and what perhaps the trials of today are preparing us for. That is the purpose of life right? We are tried to become strong and overcome those obstacles with faith.

We have had our trials, but I still feel very protected. That worries me sometimes. I’m not waiting in fear or living a sheltered life in hopes that I may avoid “harm” but I certainly feel that I’m having trials to prepare myself for something greater.

This thought doesn’t scare me, but makes me ashamed even more when I seem to not respond and react well to the small trials I have. If I can’t handle this, how will I stand strong, faithful, and happy later? If my roots are not planted deep, and my habits are not mastered, how will I weather the storms ahead?

I follow many blogs of strong men and women who have gone through much and have come through the storm to see the yellow brick road to their home. It isn’t always the home they dreamed of or what they thought they would have, but they find peace and strength.  I can only pray that I will not have to weather anything so severe, but instead, I need to be treating my trials like practice so that no matter what comes, I will not be blown away and lose my roots in a storm.

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