Valentine’s Day for Kiddos | Small & Simple

Every year I give my kids Valentine’s and we do something fun as a family. Because my anniversary is in February, we usually don’t celebrate Valentine’s as a couple, but a family holiday. I personally love this little tradition of ours especially as our family has grown.

This past November we were invited by Small & Simple to join in a cupcake party with her girls. So I brought my daughter and of course my camera. Though we did this in the fall, I love the idea of re-creating it or doing something fun and festive like this on Valentine’s day.

Making something a little fancy can be a fun way to make it stand out from the norm. Check out the cute decor and displays from Small & Simple. You can even purchase her items on her etsy shop, or if you are local you can hire her to decorate your next event. I’m looking forward to my kid’s future birthday parties.

You can also check out the boy decor she has on my post from December that featured the Superhero baby shower.

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