Lately it feels that the world is falling down around me. Not personally as much as the trials of family and friends are more evident than ever before. There is the saying that says something about not judging because everyone is fighting their own battle or war. Never in my life before have I seen this to be true as much as now.

I see the temptations, the heartache, illness, and loss all around me. But in the midst of the destruction and loss, I see joy and blessings. Even though my friends and family are experiencing such trials, I am so proud of them for fighting and finding the glimpse of sunshine in their own personal storms.

Ashley Siddoway over at sullengers.com loves the saying “I can do hard things” after the loss of her daughter. I love the saying too; simple truths and perspectives, no matter how simple they are, always help give me that boost when I’m having a “moment”. You know what I mean…when you just are about to throw in the towel on every aspect of your life? Just about when you decide that sitting in the shower to cool off is your new life achievement as kids are banging on the door saying they need a snack. That moment when you realize that not only do you not have a single clue what is going on but you have no idea which way is up.

I’ve learned that trials never stop, neither does stress… and that’s all I’ve learned. And let’s be honest…I still have no idea how to manage them. I have moments in my life where my trials are bigger than me and I truly don’t have an answers, and other times I have hundreds of small trials that I just can’t seem to cope with either. Regardless of where I am at, when I do finally sit down in the cold shower I always remember this simple saying, and I realign myself. It is humbling, it is tough, and at times it is embarrassing, but slowly my life gets back on track and the weight on my shoulders is lightened.

Anyway, the reality is there are a lot of ways to deal with trials and stress, people will tell you how to juggle, but in the end you just have to find that saying that reminds you of the motivation and power you DO have to get balanced again. But here is one of mine…

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