The month of November is about taking extra time to remember what we are grateful for. I try once a week to say a gratitude prayer where you ask for nothing, but only thank for everything I’ve been blessed with. Well, there is a tradition many do where every day for the entire month we say something we are grateful for.

This year, our children are old enough to include them and make it fun. So we have decided to make a “Gratitude Turkey” and we named him Timmy. 🙂 And here he is…it’s only the 5th and he’s this full…by the end of the month I predict he will resemble a peacock more than a turkey…I certainly hope so anyway. 🙂 I’m already thinking about where we will have to move him – he is quickly outgrowing our fridge.

The best part of doing this; the very first day we made our feathers our daughter’s first thing she said she was thankful for, without even a split second hesitation was her brother. I am SO grateful for their sweet spirits in my home, what they teach me every single day. I can not count them enough times to compare to the real blessings they are in my life. Thinking we may not be able to have children at all, to having these sweet spirits lift me up every day – “gratitude” feels like such a silly word to express what I feel.

I encourage everyone to try this with their families, you might be surprised what your 3-year-old says to you.

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