Thanksgiving Gratitude Traditions

Every November social media is flooded with Thanksgiving traditions, gratitude lists, and thankful posts. Many post to share the things they are most grateful for, and I whole-heartedly support the public acknowledgement of other’s blessings.

Some days I participate as well, but more importantly I try to make sure our daily gratitude goals in our home are updated.

A few years ago when there was just four of us we began sharing the favorite parts of our day at the dinner table. It became a fun tradition in our home and sometimes we would keep the circle going three, sometimes four times around.

Last year, we decided to change it up, and rather than sharing our favorite event of our day, we began to share what we are most grateful for that day. It still doesn’t happen every day around the table, sometimes it happens in the car during errands, or just before everyone goes off to bed. But our little habit has continued and become a small tradition that I’ve grown to cherish.

November is about to start and we get to start the “season of gratitude” that we feel lasts through December. We get to reflect on the blessings we have in November, then share them with others in December. The season is perfect!


A few years ago I started a new tradition in November in addition to our family traditions. I called it my Gratitude Challenge. I love writing things down, I love snail mail, and I always feel that writing a thank you card means so much more than just verbally thanking someone. So I had decided that I would start by writing letters to the people who had made a huge impact on my life that year.

Sometimes we don’t understand why others come into our lives when they do, but looking back I love seeing how various relationships helped me grow. This has been a very special tradition to me over the last couple of years.

Family Gratitude Traditions

Out family gratitude charts have ranged from cut out leaves on a paper tree, gratitude feathers on a turkey, post-it note wall, and writing on slips of paper that were added to a jar. This year with six of us, I wanted to pick an activity that didn’t require so much paper-cutting on my part. 🙂 But I compiled some of my favorite traditions created by other bloggers and some of them are just as beautiful as they are creative.


Gratitude Challenge |  Gratitude Tree | Give Thanks Jar | Thankful Banner |

Pine cone Turkeys | Thankful Poster | Thankful Pumpkins | Thankful Place Mats | Gratitude Wall 




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