Terms + Conditions

A $25 non-refundable deposit can be purchased through Etsy prior to getting on the wait list.
All payments will be processed using Etsy orders.

When we are ready to begin design on your blog you can purchase your package on Etsy. Full payment isn’t due until this time.

Refunds will not be issued once work on your design has begun. If you choose to cancel your request, you will be removed from the waiting list.

I design for Blogger and WordPress.org platforms only. I design using the Genesis theme for WordPress.org.

If you choose to include photos, fonts, illustrations, or other digital designs on your site, I will be glad to use them; however, you need to verify that you have the appropriate rights and permissions to do so.

Cee Me Be LLC is not liable for the images and designs provided by clients.

If there is a font or design you would like to use, you will be responsible for the cost associated with your custom work order. All additional purchases and fees will be approved by you prior to purchase.

To begin the design process you will need to complete the Blog Design Checklist. You will provide style, examples, and specifications for your blog. Once I receive your outline, and payment, I will begin creating the key componets of your blog. You will receive a few examples to select from based on your specifications.

After a design receives approval I will begin creating a mock blog for you to see. Once completed and you have approved I will begin installation. Any alterations or design changes requested after this point will result in additional costs.

Installation is included in design packages.

When I begin working on your blog, the Design Checklist must be completed in full. Once we begin, the process will strictly depend on communication. This can take anywhere from one to four weeks.

If clients do not respond in a timely manner or communication is not made for 72 hours (without notice), your project will be placed on hold and placed next on the wait-list.

If you wish to keep or protect anything from your blog prior to the alterations I will make it is the client’s responsibility to back up your blog and save widgets and designs elements.

Cee Me Be LLC is not liable for lost content or elements from your blog’s previous state. I will install all new elements. If you would like to keep something from your previous blog layout please specify in your Design Checklist information.

BLOGGER – When it is time to grant access to me you do not need to provide passwords to any account. Refer to the screenshot explanation at the end of this packet for how to grant me admin access.

WORDPRESS – I will need usernames and passwords in order to complete the design process for your hosting site as well as your WordPress.org account. If you are asking for me to transfer a Blogger account to WordPress admin access will also need to be granted to your blogger account. You can refer to the screenshot on the last page of this packet for a how-to.

As a stay-at-home momma, my number one priority during my day is my family. However, during school hours, nap times, and the evenings I focus on my work and getting busy with design. I will be available to respond to emails throughout the day and will design regularly. I work weekends when it requires me too, but generally we are busy during the weekends. With this being said, I try to move quickly and efficiently during the week. You will be notified of any schedule changes on my part.

By hiring Cee Me Be LLC to design your blog you are paying for a service and use of my designs. Copyright of these designs belongs to Cee Me Be LLC. Altering or editing the designs in any way or posting them to an alternate site without permission is copyright infringement, this includes sharing, altering or copying any part of the template, design, or code.

Copyrights may be purchased at an additional cost.
As long as any aspect of my design is used on your site or shop, you are agreeing to placing a visible copyright design link on the same page that links back to my site.

If for any reason I am unable to complete your design I may issue a refund depending on the situation and client.

Pricing, terms & conditions, and other options available on Cee Me Be LLC are subject to change without notice. However, if you have paid for a package, prices will remain the same as they were when you placed your order.

All files that I create will be backed up and saved to my personal work files up to one year. You will receive a digital copy for yourself. However, if at any time elements of your site are altered and change the design of your blog and it needs to be restored to my design, you will be charged for this service.

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