What Tablet to Get For Kids – Kindle Fire Review

Technology and children is like a necessary evil in some ways. My children have learned how to get past passwords, reset parental controls, and search and download apps and just about any device out there.

As much as I sometimes despise technology, it is more about the habits I’ve formed with technology that I truly hate. But my children are growing up in the age where technology is a part of almost every aspect of their lives. Am I right? I use technology for everything from grocery shopping, communication, medical appointments and prescriptions, entertainment, research. When the electricity goes out, I pray my battery on my phone is charged because I don’t even have a radio to find out what is going on.

I’ve read articles and posts from parents who refuse to give their children a cell phone, or allow them to have access to the internet. One part of me agrees wholeheartedly with these parents, where the other side of me cringes.


I fear that if I don’t introduce technology to my children now, they will be behind in some ways later down the road. I also worry that if I withhold technology, when the time comes that I do give them access, they will not know how to monitor or use it with discretion.

Introducing Tablets & Devices to Our Kids

As our little children have grown we have allowed certain forms of technology in our home. We started out when our oldest was a toddler by introducing the Leap Frog tablets. It was quickly cast aside because of the black & white screen and difficulty navigating it.

Then my mother gifted our two oldest children Kindle Fires for Christmas one year. It was a great way to introduce kid friendly apps where phone calls or social media accounts were not easily accessible.

During the time frame of about 3 years we also owned an iPad, iPod touch, Samsung Tablets (through Verizon), laptops, desktops, and an Asus tablet/laptop. I feel like I can give a decent comparison having owned the various devices.



Why We Love the Kindle Fire Tablet/Device

We tried having some children’s apps on all of these, but there was only one that my husband and I were completely satisfied with. We loved many things about all of these various devices, but the Amazon Kindle Fire was hands down our favorite.

Here is a list of the many features we loved about them:

  • All Kindle Fires can be managed from one Amazon account
  • I can manage the apps on each Kindle without actually having the device in my hands
  • All downloads are recorded in my Amazon account and send me notifications on any app downloaded regardless of price.
  • We eventually replaced my Children’s original Kindles and bought two more. We spent a total of $35 for each one on Amazon’s Black Friday specials.
  • Kindles have parental controls and wifi controls. Some apps they can’t even use unless we authorize the wifi connection.
  • I can set time limits on certain educational apps that my children must complete before moving on to entertainment apps.
  • I can download and store movies, music, and documents on their Kindles.
  • I can set daily time limits, so once they have had so much screen-time, the kindle will disable until the next day.
  • My children now have access to thousands of book titles as well as educational apps and websites that I allow access to.
  • The newer versions of Kindle Fires now come with cameras. My children can document their day and save photos to their Kindles.
  • Kindle accessories are affordable
  • They have proven to be durable and easy to clean (lessons courtesy of our 3-year-old)

I could go on with specific experiences when I have been so grateful for the Kindles we have for the kids. But I think the main purposes and reasons why we love them are mentioned.

Somewhere along the way technology got a bad reputation and began to be associated with danger. I’m not naive of the dangers that are online and the threats it can be to children and families, but there is so much good online as well.

Because I allow my kids to have regular access to technology, I confidently give some credit towards it for my Kindergartner’s love for math, my 7-year-old’s love for dance and design, my 3-year-old’s love for puzzles and her fine motor skills.

I can honestly say that because of the Kindles in our home, my children are better at problem solving because of the apps and mental puzzles they are solving. My daughter has access to more books that she can easily browse through. My children are being exposed to technology in such a way that they have freedom to use it while being safely monitored. You can see the 8gb Kindle Fire HERE,  the 16gb Kindle Fire HERE, or the 32gb Kindle Fire HERE.

This post contains affiliate links but all reviews and opinions are my own.



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