Summer Bucket List

Every summer I create a “Summer Time Bucket List” and this year I have a time limit. 🙂 This year I have to get as much done on our list before the baby comes, but even afterwards we should have some time to get a few more checked off.

Every year on my list I usually have certain places I want to go camping, but it seems that over the past 4 years I’ve either had a baby or I’ve been pregnant so it’s been hard to get those marked off the list. I’ve resorted to the fact that those camping spots may not happen until I’m done having kiddos which is fine. But here is the list of fun stuff we’ve planned on doing this summer and what we’ve done so far.

Drive In Movie
Summer isn’t summer unless you go to a drive-in. Fortunately in our area there are still a couple that are functioning and in business. It’s a little late for the kiddos sometimes, but nothing that a little sugar beverage and popcorn and candy can’t fix. We love stuffing the back of the explorer with pillows and blankets and cuddling while we watch a movie. I don’t know about you, but I can’t help but think of Grease and the hot dog song whenever I go to a drive-in. 🙂 In Idaho Falls there are two; Motor VU and Sky VU. Gotta love movie options.

Check out Oh Sweet Basil’s Burger Recipes here. She has the best recipes, I haven’t tried them all…Yet! I try to grill as much as I can in the summer, try different recipes, and try cooking something new on the grill and see how it zings the taste.

For Christmas we made my in-laws a binder of the best camping, tourist, and riding trails in Eastern Idaho. I saved the forms and I just need to print us off a copy. It’s great because when we go to new places I can still add new flyers, maps, and tourist info. I found some, certainly not all, of my sites and locations through this site. I hope you find what you are looking for.

Water Park
Unfortunately there are not any huge water parks really close to Eastern Idaho, but there are plenty of small ones that make the kiddos just as happy and don’t cost as much either. Rexburg has a couple small ones, Rigby has their lake, Idaho Falls has the Ammon pool and the reservoir east of town.

Bon Fires
Summer isn’t summer until your clothes smell like camp fire and your fingers are sticky with marshmallows.

I grew up going to several parades each year, but there are only a couple here locally. I love watching the kids.

What isn’t fun about going to the zoo? It’s one of the best things about summer! I grew up with a zoo that was open year-round and the kids can never get enough of it. It is such a fun way to get out and it’s never the same. Sometimes we even have scavenger hunts while we are at the zoo – find animals of every color, find sleeping animals, find an animal for as many letters of the alphabet as you can.

We have to go riding every summer, multiple times. And we’ve been finding new places to ride!

National Parks
There are national parks everywhere! Fortunately for us in Eastern Idaho we live within an hour to 2 hours away from several. Every year we make it a point to visit Yellowstone and it’s absolutely breathtaking every time we go.

Baseball Game
I love baseball in the summer. It is so much fun and the overall experience is just something to share with the fam. The kids love it too! (I think mostly because they get to stay up late and get treats) 🙂

And a given part of summer includes typical park fun – frisbee golf, kite flying, walks, waterfront picnics, bike rides, and snow cones! There are only about 6 weeks left in summer – enjoy them while you can. I think we have most of our summer bucket list checked off.

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