Summer Boredom Is Cured

“Mom, I’m bored.”

“Go play outside, play in the sprinkler, play in the toy room, or even color. There is lots to do, just find something.”

“I don’t want to do any of that. What else can I do?”

This isĀ about the time we all want to say… “You could stop bugging me.” But usually I try not to and instead make more suggestions…until now.


For those who follow regularly or know me, you understand I have little kiddos. So usually, anything outside of the toy room requires some level of supervision.

The Fix to the “I’m Bored” Scenario

This summer I sat down with my kiddos and we brainstormed 52 activities they could do on their own around the house and wrote them down on a deck of cards (You could also use popsicle sticks). We needed a long list of quality summer kid activities to keep them busy. The activities included things like…

Build a Fort

Play Hot Lava (I seriously had to teach them how)

Draw with chalk

Play Hop Scotch

Build a backyard obstacle course

Make a movie

Put on a play

Bake a treat and deliver it to someone else

Write a poem, story, or joke book

Play baseball, soccer or freeze-tag



Of course we came up with a few that included getting out of the house like, bike rides, visit the park, go swimming, go on a nature hike.

Once we began getting creative it was easy to keep going. But some of the best ideas came from memories of my childhood (pre-electronic days – not prehistoric).

We now have a deck of 52 cards with some of the best ideas to cure summer boredom.

But just to be sure there aren’t any more relapses we came up with a handy dandy acronym to treat boredom symptoms. I hope you enjoy a fun-filled summer. It isn’t fancy, but it’s the perfect mental checklist for my kiddos when we run out of appealing ideas for some good fun.



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