Spring Break Road Trip Games

Today is the first day of spring, and it is also the eve for spring break for many districts in our area. It is the first year I’ve really looked forward to spring break, probably because this is the first school year I have had kids in a real school schedule and multiple activities.

Anyway, for spring break we are planning a big road trip. A trip that I have taken dozens of times. Though the 10.5 hour drive is long, when three little children and now a dog, it is closer to 12 hours. (no joke) So as we approach our holiday I compiled some fun and creative games for us to do in the car as a couple, individuals or as a family. Please feel free to download and print a few copies for yourself! I know I’ve made double copies for the trip there, and the trip back. 🙂

For couples, there is a 50 questions worksheet. You don’t have to write them down, but sometimes doing silly questionnaires with your spouse can be fun and make you think of stuff that you either knew once upon a time, or have no idea about.

For the fam and individuals there is a worksheet to track different games you can play simultaneously in the car. By playing them all at once it makes it a little more challenging and more involved since you have to be watching for things at all times. There are also some fun just family games to get everyone talking. 🙂

Happy traveling!


50 Questions


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