A Souvenir Worth Buying

We have a tradition in our home. We looove to buy stuff when we go places, what tourist doesn’t? But, I hate figurines and things that won’t be used. So, we have 3 small traditions that we do.

But, my favorite tradition has been purchasing children’s books from our adventures. We write on the inside cover or on the back where we went, who were were with, and when we took that trip. It helps us remember the places we’ve gone and most importantly…it’s a souvenir that gets USED! Here are a few we’ve gathered over the last few years. 🙂



We buy books at the zoo, the aquarium, the beach. We even bought some books in Yellowstone and other national parks.

Our favorite books are ones that are about the activities we did. Take a sharpie and journal about your trip inside the cover and it is a memory that never fades.

Since our honeymoon my husband and I have collected smashed pennies and keep them in a book of the many places we’ve gone. We’ve continued that tradition, and sometimes we buy a magnet for the fridge.

I won’t lie, they usually get lost if we hand them off to the kids, but we keep a passport book of some for the family too. Such a fun way to see the places we’ve gone, and keep them organized and small.

I hope your summer and vacations are full of fun memories and happy souvenirs.

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