Sight Word Flash Cards

My oldest is in kindergarten. I have three littles, but my oldest is 5 going on about 12. No, really. I talk to friends about how to handle her some days and they are dealing with the same struggles with their 10-12 year olds. The struggle of estrogen is real in our home.

But among all the hormonal sensitivity, there is a bright 5 year old who thrives on doing her best and getting recognition for it. So we direct that ambition towards positive things. So this year we enrolled our 5 year old in dance, gymnastics, and piano on top of kindergarten. She is excelling in all of them.

I am just going to brag for a second and share that for her first piano recital she memorized the piece and then learned to play it with her hands behind her back. I wasn’t joking about the recognition part.

Because of her passion to excel and learn I made some flash cards for 1-5 letter sight words in addition to several suffixes, prefixes, and double-letter sounds. She is learning more and more and I would like to think that these cards have helped significantly.

Flash Cards

I printed these 12 pages up, cut them out, and we store them in zip lock bags with their titles (prefix, suffix, double letters, sight words) on the bags so she can learn what they are and identify the part of the words as well. I think I will be making a punctuation set soon so stay tuned! 🙂

Feel free to download them. I know testing season is just around the corner for schools. Word & Letter Flash Cards Download


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