Shower Curtain Makeover

I had no intention of making a new shower curtain until I got bored the other day and say some long pieces of fabric that I had leftover from making my curtains, then I got an idea. 🙂 Here is our new shower curtain…

First I used our last shower curtain as a pattern. I laid the panels of fabric down to measure where I wanted them to lay. I used a print as the center panel then stitched across the top so they were pinned together as one. I did not sew the panels together, there are 3 separate hanging pieces in our bathroom that are attached just at the top.

After I stitched the panels together, I hemmed the edges to match and I hemmed the top to fold over 2 inches. I then used the original shower curtain to mark my holes across the top where the hooks enter through. I then sewed 1″ button holds at each mark.
I took strips of fabric and sewed with the longest stitch my sewing machine would give me and then pulled the thread from the back side of the 2 pieces to create my garland which I then sewed to my center panel.

I took my original shower curtain hooks and covered them with the white fabric using a hot glue gun, then with other strips of the print I created rosettes the size of the hooks and glued them to the front.



And that was it…certainly not perfect, but better than what it was, and I had fun. My kids even helped me make the garland and we had fun laying the panels out on the curtains. My daughter had the most fun pulling the hooks out. 🙂


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