Router Limits FAQ


I’ve received a lot of questions about my post a couple of weeks ago regarding the Router Limits security system.

When my husband and I were discussing the router and its capabilities, one thing we talked about is the impact what our children see and watch have on our family. There have been numerous studies about the impact of video games and violence and how it can change a child’s behavior. You are what you watch in some ways. So if we allow other things in our home and to be viewed by our children, how are those impacting their thoughts and behavior?

Well, enough with the preachy preachy, let’s jump right in and address some of those questions.


Q: What exactly does it do?

A: It censors content coming into your home through any program or device that is using your internet and wifi.

I was surprised at the various topics that I could filter, some I hadn’t even thought of as a threat but will consider limiting them in the future.


Q: Are there ways around the router?

A: No. For example if you block your children from Facebook after 6pm every day, they can’t go around it and login through an app or login through a loophole. Facebook will be blocked on the selected device at the times you choose in all it’s forms and access points. WOOHOO. 🙂


Q: How would this work for small children?

A: I have a 6-year old, 4-year-old, and 2-year-old. My oldest two have kindles. I can set their kindles to only have wifi access to educational and safe sites like church sites, kids youtube channels, netflix kids shows, abcmouse.com, etc. It gives me the freedom to let my kids learn the internet safely. They also have curfews, so they only have access certain hours in the afternoon when my oldest is home from school and chores and such have been done.

Because I have small children, they know how to access Amazon tv, Hulu and Netflix but with this router I know that only appropriate shows will be available to them during the day, but at night after they go to bed some of my shows will be available without me having to reset my router.

time limits
You can change the time and days for various limits. School days might have different limitations than weekends.


Q: How does this compare to other routers?

A: This is my personal experience, but I feel that Router Limits offers more detailed specifications, customizations, and features overall. After finding Router Limits I did some research to really compare other routers. I love the user friendly setup and the report system Router Limits offers that allows me to see what is going on in our home.


Q: Can I replace my current router with this one, or can I use it in addition to other routers?

A: Yep! Router Limit’s router can accomplish most things which ideally would replace all others, but it can also be added in addition to with no problem.


Q: Will it slow my wifi or internet speed?

A: Typically the internet connection in a home isn’t too crazy and it will not impact it in any way. For more questions on this for larger settings you can contact the Router Limits office directly.


Q: Is it hard to change permissions and filters?

A: Nope. Login in anywhere you are to your account and manage and review usage from a very easy to read report and dashboard.


Q: What differences are between the packages?

A: You can purchase a lifetime package with hardware and monitoring in one package. No monthly payments or monitoring fees, and it’s yours for life.

Or you can you purchase the hardware and pay a monthly monitoring fee (just like with a home security system). Within the monthly censoring (or monitoring) packages there are various settings or features you can select that vary your monthly fee from $10, $15, or $20. Not all families feel it necessary to have as much monitoring on less common topics.

Through the end of June the router itself (hardware) is 40% off!


You won’t want to miss this. It is a great deal. And you can always change your monitoring package later or as needs change. For example, I start with the basic, but as my children grow and become more tech savvy I can change it.

If you have more questions that I didn’t answer (because I didn’t get asked them) you can read the Router Limits FAQ page for more detailed or techy questions and answers.

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