My husband and I have been together for over 7 years, not long in the big picture, but long enough to get comfortable. 🙂 We have two wonderful children who keep us on our toes. Date nights have turned into family nights or sometimes “Redbox” nights after the kids are out. We have a great relationship and marriage, and I love my husband, but romance is something that isn’t really….around a lot. What I mean by romance is…the mushy gushy stuff like chocolates, candlelit dinners, dancing, Wednesday flowers 🙂 So, I have been trying to add a little back into our daily grind without making it cheesy or forced. Here are five tips/ideas, to help bring a little romance around a little bit more without the overblown spontaneous surprise plans. 🙂

  • Play music, not just any music, YOUR music; and play it in the bedroom.
  • Candles. Most women love candles and have them around the house. But light them to create a mood, not just to make the house smell good enough to eat. And keep them in convenient places. Heck, just light them while watching a movie. Romance doesn’t have to be crazy; mood setting is enough. 
  • Dress up to dress down. 🙂
  • Whisper more.
  • Sticky notes. Put them everywhere. Leave notes for one another, in their wallet, in the fridge, on the bathroom mirror, heck put one in the shower. There are a million places to do it, eventually it turns into a game as to who can hide them the best. What a great surprise to open the cabinet and see a note on the dishes saying how much I’m loved! 🙂
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