Favorite Raised Garden Designs

As we get closer to our home being completed I’ve been spending time thinking about the backyard, the landscaping, and the overall layout. One thing in particular that I’ve been focused on is my future garden.

I’ve been considering all the vegetables and fruit that I would like to grow as well as how much of it I think I can handle. Which crops would need special treatment or location, and which ones can climb. Lots to consider.

So after doing a decent amount of homework, here are some garden tips I compiled from others much more experienced:

  • Northern states are encouraged to have their crop rows facing north to south. Southern states should have their garden rows facing east to west.
  • Depth of your garden boxes should depend on the vegetables you are growing. For example, deeper garden boxes are required for root vegetables vs. vegetables growing on bushes.
  • Plant only the vegetables and fruit your family will eat.
  • According to some gardeners, the garden boxes shouldn’t be any larger than 4’x4′.
  • It was recommended to add a later of compost over your box liner but below the soil.
  • If you have the potential threat of burrowing creatures – line the bottom of your boxes with chicken wire.
  • Build a border fence to keep out animals and other threats.
  • Plan ahead for watering systems and plans.
  • Provide shade for the plants that cannot withstand full sunlight all day.

Based on our lot with our new house I know I will want our garden to be on the south side of my house. The rows of vegetables will need to go north to south. And because there will eventually be a fence there, I need to leave enough space for the plants to avoid any shade.

Some of the items on my plant list need extra protection and will need covers. And the entire garden will need a fence to keep animals (and my children) out of the garden.

As for containers, I will want to have raised garden beds.

So as I’ve been brainstorming how this is going to look and feel when it is finished (next year) – here are some garden designs that I really was impressed with. Not all of them will work for my specific garden design/layout, but they definitely get the job done.

privacy-fence-with-container-garden jpg
I really love this design. It obviously can’t work for everyone based on your fence and lot direction but you can still build them up close to a wall. It takes up less yard space and keeps things organized. Love it!


These grow bags are perfect for small places or even an apartment. If you don’t have the ability to dig up a garden or build raised beds – these work just as well.


This is probably one of my favorite designs that I came across. Such a fun and smart way to help your growing veggies climb. And I bet it looks so beautiful when it’s full of lush green vines. The narrow boxes at the bottom are genius too. I’m definitely adding this to my garden layout.


I’ve heard of people talk about cinder block garden beds but I hadn’t seen some that I really liked. I this these turned out great for these gardeners. I also love the idea of planting flowers in the outlining cubes to dress up your garden. So beautiful.


I really like the idea of only one vegetable per garden box. Obviously this means there will be several garden boxes but they don’t have to be huge to produce a lot of goodies. I love how clean and organized this raised bed is. And if you look – they do have more than one veggie in this box.


We love growing strawberries. But between the birds and the kids it’s nearly impossible to keep them growing. I really like this design that helps protect your berries. This is going to be a must have in our garden as well.


There are several different items you can use to line the bottom of your garden boxes. People shared using cardboard, stray/hay, sand, or even black garden liner. There are even ways you can level different types to create a base level compost. Regardless, just make sure you line your garden boxes.


I really love separated garden boxes, but this is a great design. The depth, shape and accessibility is great. Such a simple design.


Not everyone has the space to have this large of a designed garden but I LOVE it. The design and organization is great. I would love to see this design in full bloom.


DSC_1015 easy diy raised garden bed tutorial
This is such a simple design, but it’s exactly what you should be doing for your garden boxes. Don’t get too crazy, it’s what is inside that will matter the most. This is a great tutorial – check it out.



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