Preschool Curriculum At Home

I’ve never really put a lot of money in buying home school supplies. Mainly because I never planned on homeschooling heavily. All of our children have done 3 & 4 year old preschool. But we have books and activities to do to increase learning, but I’ve never had to prepare a full spectrum of curriculum.

Usborne Books

This past summer I became an Usborne Book consultant and then unexpectedly this fall, I ended up taking my son out of preschool (because we moved). We decided that I would just home school him the rest of his pre-k year before he started Kindergarten.


To be honest, it broke my heart to take him out. He loves the social aspect, and since I don’t have the curriculum planned, I feel like I’m winging it every day. But finally I put some time aside and started planning themes for us to talk about, crafts that will relate to the topics, and more.


Preschool at Home

Some of the topics for our at-home preschool include fire stations & fire safety, body, senses, opposites, mammals, insects, animals in the water, weather, months/days, geography, holidays, and of course the basics like alphabet, letter sounds, little sight words, hand-writing, science, and math.

Then I took my list of topics to our book shelf and was grateful to find resources I already had. And if I couldn’t find something that correlated, then I looked it up and found some great resources online.


I’m still not quite organized where I have a craft planned every time, but we incorporate games that require counting and basic math. Some days we play other games that involve matching, or color and shape recognition. Even though my son knows most of these things, introducing them in various ways and practicing them, almost passively, gives him the opportunity to take his learning to the next level. He needs to be ready for kindergarten next year, so I’m responsible for doing all the preschool teaching.

But today I would like to share with you some amazing titles and books from Usborne that I’ve incorporated into our learning routine. Hopefully, other preschool teachers or moms like me can benefit from these titles as well. Feel free to email me at ceemeb@gmail.com if you have any questions about the titles I’m sharing today.


Long before I became a consultant for Usborne, I fell in love with the quality of these books, and creative presentations and the bright colors. I have yet to find a publishing company that compares to Usborne when it comes to presenting information and facts about our world.

Just as example, my four-year-old loves to learn about geography and weather. We ordered the Weather and Climate book. There are different sections that talk about various climates and it teaches what circumstances and areas they tend to happen (i.e. tornados) There are flaps that show and label the different parts and ways they work.

They teach more advanced topics, but in a way my 4-year-old can understand and continue to be curious about. I LOVE IT!

So rather than adding links to each book I love, I created a wish list with over 30 titles that I just love! There are others too that are available that I probably didn’t add, but the ones I listed I would recommend for pre-k or home schooling purposes. You can see my complete list HERE. 🙂

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