Polkadots | Silhouette Downloads

I have this strange obsession with rearranging my house, and I’m not talking a couple of tables here and there…. I mean swapping rooms and moving decor. I usually do it when my husband is out of town because sometimes the multi-day process can be overwhelming. 🙂

So this past fall I ended up rearranging rooms with the kids and during the process I decided to change a few things up along the way. (rearranging = new project ideas)

When putting my girls in the same room I had to decide which of their two room decor would be the primary one in their new joint room. And to be honest, I still haven’t completely found my exact vision but I know there will be lots of color and a little gold.

But here is my eldest daughter’s room before we swapped. The polkadots are coming to the new room…it’s a MUST!

Download the Silhouette polkadot sizes here. I used a metallic gold vinyl from Expressions Vinyl for the smaller polkadots and the glitter gold vinyl for the 2″.  Happy Polka-doting!

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