Organizing Photos with Photodex- Part 1

I’m a photographer, and a mother…therefore I take a lot of photos, and not just on my phone. 🙂

Mentally I categorize my photos into like five categories. Business, blog, lifestyle, family events, and phone. But I don’t print them all off. I’m not a fan of photo books mainly because they just get stuffed on a shelf and never looked at again.

Because of the overload of images on my devices, hard drives, cd towers, clouds, and box of jump drives I decided I needed to find a better solution to my organization. So I came up with a solution to my photo hoarding, but for those not nearly as obsessed with photo-journaling their life I have some smaller-scale tips for you too!

Photo Organization Part 1

Here is how I organized my photo hoarding:

#1 – go get Photodex right now! 🙂 It is the best program for making videos and slideshows. And I’m going to help you understand how this plays into organizing my photos later on.

First I started out by cleaning my external hard drive. Depending on how many photos you have you may need to do this in waves like I did. Create folders for the first few years you are organizing for first. Slowly begin transferring and gathering images from all other devices (cds, jump drives, cloud, phone files etc) and save them into the accurate folders on your hard drive.

I highly recommend only doing 2-3 years at a time. It is easy to get overwhelmed and lost when doing more than that. No, seriously…take my advice on this one. 🙂

Photo Files

Once you’ve exhausted all sources and dumped your images, go in and create sub-folders. For example, you could create monthly sub-folders. Sub-folders for holidays and family events. I created sub-folders by season. That way there weren’t too many, and everything kind of had a flow to it.

photo organizationb

Move, copy, paste, save. When you are done with a year’s worth of images, buy a tower of dvds with a lot of storage on them. Burn two copies of every folder. I always put one of my copies in an old cd catalog and label them in order. The other cd…well you will have to wait until Part 2 to find out. 🙂


There are many ways to store and organize your images. Some of my favorite ways that have been efficient for me to find them and store them have been on jump drives, small external hard drives, and cd catalogs. I personally prefer jump drives and cds because I can quickly pull them out if I need and they don’t take up a lot of space. And of course, they are more affordable in those formats too. 🙂

Here is a shopping list for some of the organization items I mentioned.

If you need a good external hard drive, check this one out at Amazon.

CD Catalog Case… yes they still make them.

Quality DVDs – For backup files.


But what about all the images that have already been printed?

Ah, yes! I have dozens of frames around my home that get a regular update with the most recent photos. But what to do with them when they are done being displayed.  When I’m done displaying the images I do 1 of 3 things.

Organize your Photos 2

1| I have a medium sized tote with file folders labeled similar to the images I have filed on my computer; year and season. When I take them from the frames or off of the photo board, they get filed away.

2| I have some photo albums (because I don’t scrapbook), that I insert them in order to the time frame.

3| Finally, if I don’t want to file it or put it in a book, and I know it is saved digitally* I throw it away. I know this is like a photographer sin but I’m a firm believe that if you aren’t going to organize it and you are not going to display it, toss it.

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