No Sew Bows – General Conference Craft

I love planning activities and crafts for General Conference. But I truly look forward to listening and taking notes from the talks. I always walk away being lift up and edified. 
This year I decided to start a new tradition by purchasing a small notebook/journal and just writing quotes or sayings that stand out to me. Generally the ones that stand out the most are not the same ones that are decorated and dressed up into beautiful printables that float around Pinterest. In fact, most of the time I don’t even have those ones written down, but the ones that do stand out to me, are meant just for me. 
But in addition to my conference journal this year, I am going to be making no-sew-bows with my 5 year old. The best part of these bows is that they can be used for girls or bow ties for boys. And since you don’t have to use a sewing machine, it stays quiet and peaceful during the talks. 
Here are some rough images for a step-by-step process to make your new sew bows. 🙂
First depending on the size of bow you want, cut rectangles in the following sizes. 
4″x3″ bow – cut a 9″x7″ rectangle
3″x2″ bow – cut a 7″x5″ rectangle
2″x1″ bow – cut a 5″x3″ rectangle
 With your fabric print face down, fold the rectangle ‘hot-dog’ style in half and crease with your fingers so there is a visible crease as a reference.
Open the rectangle and fold the edges to the center. 
Do the same ‘hamburger style’. You should end up with a smaller rectangle that resembles something like this.
Fold the fabric into itself on the side without any folds. 
From here you will accordion the edges back out so that there is only one pocket. 
At this point you can cut and wrap a piece of ribbon or folded fabric around the center to bunch the ribbon. Glue, do not tie, the ribbon in the back and trim off any excess. 
If you wish to make it a clip or a headband, just glue it straight on. If you want to make a bowtie, I always use 7/8″ white ribbon with velcro on the ends for my little guy. This way it hides under his white collared shirts without too much detection. 🙂 
It is also a lot of fun to make two bows of varying sizes and layer them like the one below. 
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