New Years Resolutions

Each year I try to sum the year up in a word. 2013 was Persevere. This year it would be Ambitious. This year was a bit much for my husband and me but we made it through.

So I am going to set my goals for 2015 this week but I’m remembering to not set goals that are pass/fail, set goals that can be easily measured, and to set fun goals.

I actually really love new years resolutions. It’s like my adult version of a new school year. New friends, new challenges, new adventures.

Last year I followed my friend’s example and get a big ‘ol antique window, hung it in my room and covered it with my goals for 2014. I had listed 20 different goals and this year we’re doing it again! I don’t measure my success on the completed goals, just the progress I made in those areas.

This year my resolutions are: 

Be more spontaneous
Take more time for myself
Rock my last year of being in my 20s 🙂
Try something new
Declutter my schedule
and serve others more.
I am excited for 2015 and I want to avoid having check-lists as much as I can and focus more on enjoying my time with my kiddos and hubby. I hope you have a great year and look forward to having a great new year. 
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