Mothers Day

This Mother’s Day was better than Christmas, my birthday, and my anniversary this year! Yep! That’s right.
We are expecting our third child and celebrating the other two little ones who made it possible for me to celebrate Mother’s Day. My husband spoiled me and started the morning off by letting me sleep in. I then was surprised by the unveiling of a brand new, and filled garden box in the back yard that he had built the day before. (I was banned from the back side of the house)
We attended church and my kiddos came home with things they had made. My son had a poem that brought me to tears, then my daughter had made me a card, but without any help she had written “Mom” across the top of the card. She wasn’t even told how to spell it. I was so proud of her!
When we got home my husband had invited both of our mother’s over for a steak and shrimp dinner that he made! I was then showered with more gifts that my kiddos had purchased on a shopping trip they had gone on with my mom.
But the icing on the cake…

Being pregnant, my hormones are already all over the place, and celebrating mother’s day and being so grateful for all of the many people in my life just made me even more emotional. At the end of all the gift/card exchanges my mother-in-law asked if we had decided on a name for our little girl. I said that I had, but Rory didn’t approve so we were still brainstorming. She responded and commented on how that was interesting because her card was signed with 5 names, not just 4 and that the final name was “Aspen” (my #1 pick for our daughter’s name). I looked at Rory and asked if he was serious and he said yes. I started crying (again).

So what is the best mother’s day gift? Getting to name the baby you are carrying! 🙂 She doesn’t have a middle name yet, but Aspen will be joining us late this summer.

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