Mommy-Daughter Date

I’m within a month of baby #3 coming and my husband and I decided we need to give some one-on-one time with each of our children separately. So while I’m on a mommy-daughter date, the boys are doing their thing and vice versa. Because we don’t know when our little one will make her arrival, we’ve decided to have our dates a little early rather than right before she comes.

Tonight I surprised our daughter with a mommy-daughter date after her T-ball game. She knew it was coming but didn’t know when or what we were doing. She had made some requests then I scheduled it out. 🙂

We started our night off to this miserably hot summer day with ice cream! We went to a local hair school where they offer Beauty Makeovers for just $10 for children under 10 years old. It includes a hair styling and nail painting. We splurged a little and got glittered toes! She had a blast. She was having so much fun watching in the mirror and picking out rainbow glitter.

(I didn’t get a pic of the back – it was in bow ponies – super cute)


After our “makeovers” we headed to the mall to find the girls’ matching dresses they can wear to church and for family pics. Just FYI – unless you want to spend $50+ on each dress, there is no store that will carry the exact same dress in sizes infant and 5T+. Once they hit above 4T the styles change. You can find 2T and up matching, or 2T and under matching, but the range from newborn-5T is too big. So…we compromised and got complementing outfits which I’m in love with. (Sorry – the pic isn’t the greatest)

Our daughter calls perfume “pretty smells” – she always has and I find it too endearing to correct her. So we stopped by Bath & Body and picked some pretty smells from their mini collection.

To say we had fun I think is an understatement. She didn’t want to go home and she wanted to know what we were going to do next. Usually on mommy-daughter dates we don’t splurge this much, but tonight was special – it was our last hurrah you might say before we add another girl to the fam. It might just be because I’m pregnant, it’s hot, and my hormones are broken, but I’m having an emotional and difficult time knowing that my little Breck and I aren’t going to be the only girls anymore. It’s been her and I against dad (or the boys) for a long time. She’s just like me which explains our love/frustration relationship. (I think this is with all mother/daughter relationships once they can talk). 🙂 But together, we can’t wait for little sister to arrive and we can outnumber the boys once again. She will have to learn the ropes early.

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