Modify Ink – Custom Prints

I love to create things, I love to create things that look awesome and don’t take an entire day to complete.

In February I was introduced to the company Modify Ink! If you have never heard of it, go check it out. It is a website where you can select various prints and art pieces and then change the colors and patterns for the various parts of the image. It is interactive with hundreds of various combinations you can create.


Here is an example of the creation process. I started out with this page

Modify Tutorial


For my daughter’s room I have various sayings and printables around and I have two very passionate little girls. I love them forever, and this saying fits them both so well. (And I love Shakespeare) So I selected this print but I didn’t care for the dark background for the place I wanted to display it.

So I spent about 10-15 minutes playing with prints, textures, and palettes and turned it into something a little more girlish. 🙂

I placed my order and within a few days it arrived!



The paper is a thick textured print, very high quality and vibrant. I love that it wasn’t just a picture with solid colors. As you can see in the image below, each print option has a texture feel to it.



And my final project, is a beautiful 16×20 custom print. 🙂 This would be a great mother’s day gift for a special event, birthday, holiday or mother’s day. Something customized and personal and designed by you.




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