Like many other bloggers it is blogger conference season and it is hustle time to get stuff done. So I made this quick one-page media kit for anyone who needs one.

Media kits are great to share and trade with other bloggers, vendors, sponsorship companies and affiliate marketers. Similar to a resume, media kits are intended to share your niche, audience, and statistics for potential opportunities.

So here is the basic format that is an letter sized document once printed. You can open the jpg in photoshop or any other image editing program and alter the colors and text to create your own. I took this same template and created the example below using Photoshop.

I hope you enjoy – Happy Conferencing!

You can download the template HERE.

Media Kit Template1


Media Kit Template Example1


And since I am starting a new hobby I decided to do a promotion… 🙂

Spring 2015


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