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I never thought I would regret not taking that calligraphy elective class from my sophomore year in high school. I love typography and lettering, it is such a fun, creative method of art that speaks to my OCD organized heart. It takes all of my list-making-habits to the NEXT level. 🙂

I love to doodle and write quotes, it is how I clear my mind and find inspiration. Type has become the new fad talent and I envy those who have it come naturally to them. I decided, as I do with most new interests, to try and teach myself. I logged into my favorite store and did some quick searches and read through reviews when I settled on the pack below. I spent a total of $22.70 on this fancy duo and now I’m well on my way to being mediocre at something new.


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The only other item I use for drawing is graph paper, and after you read the book, you will be glad you bought graph paper to start practicing on when the book pages get filled up.

Three things I loved most about Creative Lettering and Beyond

1 – It breaks everything down for lettering step by step.

2 – It gives me space to practice each taught style.

3 – It teaches various styles, techniques, and ideas! I enjoyed the chalkboard styling the most.

As for pens, pencils, markers etc. I love using a variety. Metallic pencils are the most amazing things ever! Sharpie also just came out with a new type of pen – Sharpie Brush Pen (set for$22), I haven’t tried them out yet, but they are in my wish list cart. 🙂

I’ve bought a couple sets of the Tombow Dual Brush Pen Art Markers and I have truly loved them! You can see what I keep as my go-to lettering and drawing utensils.

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