Lamination Packets

Question: Road trips, teaching at home, and church! What do these all have in common?

Answer: Keeping children focused, quiet (or reverent), and someone still.

This is challenging when it comes to toddlers. Fortunately I have some amazing relatives, friends, and neighbors who have lead me to various resources over the past couple of years.

My children love the file folder activities, especially at church. My husband’s aunt said the smaller the velcro pieces, the quieter it is when you are in church. She was right. 🙂 My kiddos received a set as a gift for Christmas but we were having a heck of a time keeping them stationary because of the smooth surfaces. So I hole-punched them and placed them all in a binder. When I made another set for us, I just put them on single pages and had them facing each other for another binder. It has been such a great activity for road trips and church. I will certainly be making more when I get the courage to dedicate hours and hours of coloring time again. 🙂 I get most of mine from Finch Family Games. They have so many fun games and more that we use for FHE and learning. Check them out. I also was just recently introduced to Hatch Patch Creations. They have some great FHE and learning tools too.

I always feel guilty about not doing more with my kiddos and teaching letters. We do activities, but I suppose every mother feels that she can always do more. My cousin home schools her three children and referred me to this AMAZING site for learning tools and more. I used this site a lot when we did Joy School last year. I printed several activities, laminated them and put them in a learning binder. I put a pencil pouch inside with a cloth and dry erase markers. That way the forms can be used over and over.

The letter pages are great for learning to write and make the letter shapes in order.
There are several number and counting activities, but this one is my favorite. We use snacks like cheerios, mini marshmallows etc. to put in the boxes and practice counting.


My daughter also uses her dry erase markers to trace shapes, but I pull these pages out and let her use them as play-dough mats. I think she really enjoys the different ways of experiencing letters, numbers, and shapes.
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