Kid Lunch Secrets

Alright, so my new favorite sandwich ideas have worked amazingly well!

Pita Pockets & Refrigerated Dough Rolls

Alright – so I didn’t take these pictures….my food never looks this good. 🙂 But I bet it tastes better. I have a 3-year old and a 15 month old. Lunches….well any meal gets really messy. So I started trying something new.

Pita pockets are awesome sandwich replacements. The food doesn’t fall out the other side and it’s the perfect size for kids! I’ve grilled tuna and cheese inside, PB&J, chicken salad, pepperoni and melted cheese, fruit and yogurt (a little different, but it tasted awesome!).

As for the Grands rolls. I roll out the dough and make mini pizza pockets, tuna pockets, basically anything that sounds good; roll it over to make a pocket and cook for 10 minutes. Easy, simple, and proportional lunch servings. And I just love the mini cans of the bread rolls…perfect for the 3 of us for lunch. Add a few veggies or fruit…lunch is served. 🙂

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