A Different Kind of Home Security – Internet Router

We have a home security system because it helps protect our home from potential outside threats. It sounds off with a chime anytime a window or external door opens in our house, which I love (so I know when kids are coming in and out from playing). It sets off alarms if there is a fire or cO2 threat. I can monitor it from my phone anywhere I am. It helps to keep my family protected.

But what about the threats that we openly invite into our home? Have you ever considered these questions:

How can I limit my family’s internet use?

How can I protect my family from inappropriate things online?

How can I monitor my children’s internet activity?

What about the threats that come every time the remote is picked up, or when my children are playing on their kindles? What about the threats on my desktop computer as my daughter does her homework assignments? What about the content and temptations that sneak into my home through my phone and tablet? What about the questionable content that is on my television when my children are searching for a show on Netflix?

I don’t know about your family, but my 3 year old is smart enough (even with a password) to navigate around the parental controls on his kindle, and to check out of his kids account on Netflix exposing him to things I have no control over.

My daughter, who just finished Kindergarten, was learning how to use a computer at school and will continue to practice and need to use such devices for homework and projects going forward.

Taking into consideration our reality, I honesty feel that these threats are eminent compared to those of burglars and house fires, and yet I have no security system in place to protect my family in these instances.

This spring I was introduced to Router Limits, a security system for your home from the inside out.



Router Limits has produced a product (a router) that you use for your internet. The router allows you to limit access based on category behaviors such as ads, dating sites, drugs, pornography, social media and several other categories.




This router allows you to manage every single device in your home (by device). This means that I can set timers and control settings on my daughter’s kindle that are different from my son’s kindle, and different from my devices. I can set a curfew for each device also, meaning that all wifi access will be shut down when I want it to for each device.

Router Limit’s router gives me the ability to manage how long they are on Netflix and what they are watching on Netflix as well as available hours. If it runs through my internet, we have control on the content that enters into our home. We can decide the level of protection we want for our family.




One of my favorite features is the report that we can get at anytime from our account. We can see what websites have been visited, we can see the amount of time spent on devices (which is always surprising), and we can change permission levels any time we want from the admin account. We now have a security system for the less obvious threats that can impact our home and family.

Even if we have visitors come to our home, our wifi password can be shared, but will only allow them to access sites and content that we feel appropriate for our home.

As I have become more familiar with Router Limits as a company, and become more familiar with the router and the many features and capabilities it gives me and my husband to decide for our home, the more grateful I am that I found them.


I feel that this router doesn’t just block blacklisted sites, adult content, but it gives us the freedom to really manage and monitor the internet activity in our home. It gives us the ability to introduce the internet to our children in a safe and protected way.

I am excited to see the impact it has in our home as we set the categories and limits with our children.

If you are interested in a router for your family and home, I highly suggest checking out their various packages, because they do have a package for every family and budget. Just like a structural security system, you can pick and choose what works best for your needs. I am glad to answer any questions about our experience using Router Limits.


This special is only available for a couple of weeks – don’t miss out!


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post with affiliate links. All opinions and views are my own.

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