I Love Blogging

I love blogging, more than anything it is my creative outlet. When I hit writers block I just need to find a blog and read some inspiration to send me in my direction.

Last year I was able to attend my first bloggers conference with my friend and it was such a good time we decided to go again this year. Unfortunately she is too busy having her twins to come with me so I get to go with some new blogger friends. I’m excited for the experience again and have set goals to attend other blogger conferences in the future.

The two things I love most about these conferences are the people. I get to meet the authors and curators behind these corners of the web that inspire others. And second, I leave so motivated to tackle my next dream and goal. These conferences are good for the soul. 😉

As I was thinking and getting excited about next week I had a thought that I made into the pretty little printable below. Here’s to new dreams and new people…

Blogger's Real Story

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