How I Got My Kids to Eat Vegetables



I don’t blog about food, but sometimes parenting involves bribing children to eat healthy things… so I had to share my success in that area.

There are two ways I have found to motivate my children to eat their veggies.

One way is to have their pediatrician at their annual well-check encourage it by telling them they could have grown more if they ate more veggies and to try harder this next year. (True story…worked like a charm for my 6-year-old).

The other way is to make it fun!

My son struggles with eating regardless of what is on his plate. But when we made is fun and silly, he eats up his veggies like candy.

All we did was change the name of our veggies to silly nicknames. If the average person walked into our house they would probably think we were crazy, but I know exactly what they mean when they say I want “frisbees” with my sandwich today. Check out the silly nicknames we gave our daily veggies.


CucumbersLilly Pads





TomatoesWater Balloons

We keep a bowl of freshly cut veggies, or sometimes a relish tray in the fridge to grab some fresh veggies for a snack, or to add to a meal. Making them fun and accessible has helped my kiddos eat more veggies every day, and it isn’t a fight anymore.

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  1. What cute ideas! We have always told my son that broccoli was mini trees, but I’ve never thought about the other names.

  2. This is absolutely wonderful! I’m going to share tonight and tomorrow for sure with our parents. Many of the kids that come to our center have attention and focus issues, which can be helped with good nutrition, but sometimes it’s tough to get them to eat fruits and veggies. This is a great way to get them more excited about healthy foods. We are also doing a post next week about getting kids to plant a garden so I’ll have to include a link to your post as well. Such great information!

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