Holiday Season

As soon as Halloween was over, Christmas decor is up and Thanksgiving decor can be found in the clearance section of almost every store.

So one day as I went shopping with my three littles in tow, and my oldest asked me why Christmas decorations were out already when we hadn’t even had the turkey yet. I smirked to myself and muffled my own bitter thoughts of the premature sales tactics and black friday ads.

I paused to think of how to explain it to a 5-year-old the commercial, heartless side of the holiday season that was apparently already upon us.

Then I explained that the holiday season isn’t just about one or two holidays, it is a entire season to remind us of a very specific purpose. First, we spend November being grateful for all that we have, then in December we share our blessings and give to others. The season is about being selfless and finding joy.

After I explained this to my daughter I was no longer bothered by the Christmas decor draping the walls, the catalogs filling up my mailbox, the bulk baking supplies in every aisle, or the carols playing throughout the stores. I became grateful for these things, grateful that I can have them for my family and even purchase some things for other families who need them more.

Though it may seem that we are celebrating excess, we can choose to see it as an opportunity to share and serve. So I made this printable to remind us that it is ok to see the holiday decor up at Halloween, Christmas stuff out before Thanksgiving, as long as we remember to first be grateful, then give. The season lasts longer that way, and it gives us more time to remember what real joy is.

Click on the image to download. 🙂

And to help the spirit of the season spread a little more, I’m sure you’ve heard of them, 
but this group is my favorite and brings the spirit of the season alive for me in just 4 minutes. 🙂 
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