Hello, I’m Chelsey

I have had so many turning points in the making of my humble little blog and this summer as I began to settle into our new normal, I realized how far I’ve come over the past 6 years.

Yes, my blog has changed (a lot) and my passion behind it has been redirected numerous times, but I find myself wanting to write about things I was too afraid to talk about before. Age is probably the major contributor to that (yay for 30’s).

Cee Me Be started out as Boredom Antidote, and it was exactly that. I struggled so much with being a stay-at-home-mom and admitting that was even harder. I went from being on the go 24/7, working full-time, college part-time, mom, wife, friend, person, to being at home with a 2-year-old and a newborn. The structure of my day was dramatically altered and I didn’t know what to do with all of this extra time. When you spend your entire life mastering the art of multitasking then suddenly that skill isn’t needed, without sounding too dramatic, it felt like I went into social shock.

My oldest when she was two with my 6-week old son.

I felt, and sometimes feel, as though I get shamed for being so busy. Almost as if my “mom” status isn’t good enough or perhaps I’m neglecting my children for more self-fulfilling goals. And no, this isn’t just in my head, I’ve had more than a couple comments made to me about it. To those who don’t understand, I simply explain that being busy is my release. Being in hyper-drive is my normal, it gives me direction in my days. When I’m idle I lose direction altogether.

My family comes first, always. But I’m not afraid to do things for myself, to let myself be creative. I remember when I was little, filling up spiral notebooks regularly with sketches, short stories, poems, and scripts. The short story I wrote that I was always the most proud of was titled Growing Up Brunette. Writing, regardless of my skill level, has always brought me joy. Creating things is therapeutic, and as an adult I’ve only found more ways to do both. Hat tip to technology!cee-me-be


This blog and my random excursions may look like creative ADD to others, but trying new things and staying busy is my thing. If I don’t try something new now, then when? I want my children to see me fulfill my roles in the home as well as doing things for myself and trying new things as an adult.

I have witnessed women become mom’s and assume they are done being an individual because there is a new responsibility in their lives. I absolutely put my children first, they are involved in everything I do, but becoming a mom did not become the only thing that defines me as a person. I’m not suddenly unavailable to try or do new things, on the contrary, I’ve been given more opportunities to pursue random dreams or hobbies, my kids do as well. Wherever I go, whatever I do, they are always right by my side.

So to all my new followers, and to those who’ve followed me through my random projects thus far, thanks. 🙂

I made my girls this shadow box and the photo is of my grandmother when she was young. The Shakespeare quote is one of my favorites and certainly my most favorite little girl quote.

I have seen some of these questionnaires floating around Facebook, and it brings me flashbacks to my middle school. Eek! But to reintroduce myself to all of my new friends, I’m going to answer some of my favorite questions! It was fun sharing these with my kids too, we’ve been sharing these questions around the table at lunch. And like I said earlier, it has been fun to look back over the past six years to see how far I have come.

Favorite color: Teal, Navy, & Black/White (I can have multiple favorites)

Favorite animal: Moose

Least Favorite Food: Potatoes & Mac n’ Cheese (gag)

Comfort Foods: Chips & Salsa, Sun Flower Seeds, Chinese Food (random, I know)

Roots: Originally from all over WA state, mainly Vancouver. As of 2004, Eastern Idaho.

Places you’ve traveled: Not as many places as my hubs, but my top favorites have been the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Jackson Hole.

Married for how long: Almost 11 years. Wowzers! That was weird to type.

How many children do you want? Six, I always wanted six. Then we decided four was a good number… but now, I take it day by day. 🙂 Currently, we have four.

Favorite Age: I have loved being 30. My gratitude, confidence, and joy have never been higher.

Dream Job: Archaeologist

Favorite Movies: Old musicals or Marvel movies

Random Fact: I have OCD, and my compulsive coping mechanisms are obsessive counting and organizing.

Movies or TV: I never watch TV, like ever. Always movies, if the TV is even on.

Favorite hobbies: Uh, this is a hard one, but the ones I enjoy the most are writing, photography, drawing, sewing and wood-work. (Hence, the chaotic blog) Family hobbies are boating and games.

Favorite Kid: haha just kidding.

Closet talent: I love to dance, like a lot! But because no one knows, I’m probably not as good as I think I am. 🙂

Do I work out: HAHAHAHA yeah right. Way too many other things to do. I think about it, does that count? I do like stretching and yoga.

Random Fact: I’m an only child so when I make a close friend, they become like family. I’m grateful for all my adopted sisters! In some ways I do get to pick my family 🙂

Favorite Saying or Quote: “Keep an eternal perspective”

Favorite Date Activity: Honestly, any date with my hubs is a good date!

Collections: Fabric, journals, nativities and I realized during this last move that I have acquired a ton of pillows.

Secret Wish: I really wish someone would just give me a makeover. My curly-sue hair just drives me to the edge of sanity way too often.

Another random fact: I love history, like I have world history apps instead of games on my phone.

Favorite Vacation Spot: I’m a firm believer in never visiting the same place twice. So when we do go on trips (short or long) I try to make sure we make different stops or try new restaurants or activities. Why waste a chance to do something new?

These are just random facts about me, but I hope it helps introduce my new followers to the person behind all my random project.Chelsey

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