Halloween Silhouette Decor & Costumes

I love having my Cameo Silhouette but over the past two years it has done more than just cut out fun vinyl shapes and invitations. We used it to create our Incredibles logo for our family costumes last year, and this year we used it for our bats.

You can download the file to cut some bats out for yourself and decorate with them around the house. I love small decor that is like this that can be added around a room without going too overboard on every wall; there needs to be a healthy balance for me. 🙂

I always have to ease into the holidays because first it is autumn, then you add Halloween decor, then take it away until Thanksgiving weekend then Christmas goes up. So for the last 4 months of the year our home is under constant seasonal decor, and I love it, but it begins to cause me to get a little claustrophobic (am I the only one?) so I have to do it slowly with small decor here and there.

I do this by small crafts like bats. and simple decor on a hearth or piano. Here are some downloads for your Silhouette!

Silhouette Bats
Silhouette Boo! Ah!
(No Previews until you download it because of the type of file.)

It was simple to create our costumes because we used just plain red shirts, and then we ordered iron on vinyl from Expressions Vinyl. I cut out an oval and the necessary letters and ironed them straight on.

To keep my little ones warm, we wore long sleeved black shirts under short-sleeved red shirts then used Halloween makeup to fill in the eye-masks. and…ta da. 🙂

We always try to do a themed Halloween for the family, but this year we have a new member who will be walking by then so we are trying to plan ahead. Happy Halloween – get your incredible on!

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