Halloween Costumes

For Halloween my daughter wanted to be Tinker Bell, so therefore my son is going to be Peter Pan. Not including what I already had, I only spend $10 to get everything I needed to make their costumes, and I didn’t even use all of it. 🙂 I’ll update this post later when I take pictures of them tomorrow, but here is what the costumes look like. 🙂 Peter Pan 1/4 yard green cotton – I traced a pair of his pants and sewed them up and added elastic around the waist 1/4 yard green satin – cut into a tunic, singed the edges and cut a hole for the neck (turned it inside out so it wasn’t glossy – it was leftover from the Tinker Bell costume) 1/8 yard brown cotton – Brown cotton circles tied over his socks. (not shown) Ribbon to tie around the waist part of the leftover green cotton I cut into a circle, cut a “pie piece” out and sewed it into a hat. Used some leftover felt I had to make a feather.

Tinker Bell 1/2 yard green satin – measured around my daughter to make a tube dress 1/2 yard elastic – sewn into the top of the tube dress 1/2 yard green tule – layered on top of green satin before dress was sewn Ribbon to tie around the waist Tights, wand, wings (nylons, wire hanger, and glitter), and head band we already had. Shoes – $4 at walmart

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