Grill Season with Cave Tools

I love to grill. I seriously don’t know of a single person who doesn’t.

It’s practically un-American if you don’t like to grill food.

The past few years I’ve experimented with some new techniques and recipes and our family has started to establish some new favorites. Recently I was invited by Cave Tools to check out their line of grilling accessories. And to be completely honest, I’ve never really invested in a lot of grill accessories in the past, tin foil, seasonings, and various foods are the extent of our preparation.

But once I started to research their products, I realized how much I’ve been missing out on.

Grilling Salmon

Last summer my husband had the opportunity to go fishing in Alaska. He returned home with nearly 60 lbs of fish. I LOVE FISH! Our deep freezer is still stocked; if you saw exactly what 60 lbs of fish equates to… you would be shocked.

My wish list with Cave Tools didn’t take long to create. It was more of a prioritized shopping list of all of their products. At the top of that list was their fish grill basket.

Cave Tools Fish Basket – Available in two sizes

I love to cook fish, and unfortunately Idaho winters don’t leave much room for grilling. But over spring break we received some beautiful weather that allowed us to fire up our grill! Out came the grill, and out came our silver salmon. I was so excited to give our Fish Grill Basket a go!

You can use this code to get 15% off your very own! CODE: FISH15


Easy clasps and easy to clean.
Some don’t like a lot of seasoning, for us, it just depends on the seasoning.

Grill It Right

I once heard someone say you can never really screw up grilling. Aaaaaand I completely disagree. I’ve had some pretty bad grilled meals before (some of them I may or may not have made myself). But I think if you know what temperatures to cook at, what seasonings to us, you can’t really go wrong.

However, learning HOW to cook different types of meats on a grill, and by this I mean placing meats on the lower or upper rack, flipping them, etc. will make or break your grilling creation.

For our grilled salmon, it definitely helped, it was cooked the same throughout the whole fish.

If you aren’t sure about some of the temperatures for various meats, Cave Tools even has great reference cards you can purchase for tips on smoking and grilling. Attach those to your grill for quick reference. 🙂

The fish basket was the easiest thing to use, and the fish didn’t stick to it, I wasn’t fighting it to season the fish or to flip it for a few seconds. It was easy to clean up, and it left our filet tasting amazing. The grill taste that we love so much was strong and present without being overdone. After I cleaned the grill and the basket, I actually tossed it in the dishwasher as well.




Order Your Grill Accessories

We have already used our grill basket for shrimp, halibut bites, and more salmon filets! You can purchase one directly from their site at https://cavetools.com/ ut don’t forget the 15% off coupon code: FISH15.


You for all the Prime addicts like myself, you can order one from Amazon – HERE. *affiliate link

The next items on my wish list from Cave Tools include their Kabob Skewers, Rib Roast BBQ Rack, and the Vegetable Grill Basket. I wasn’t joking when I said I had a lot on my wish list. Okay, and I seriously want to try the Gas Grill Smoker Box.

But in addition to trying Cave Tools products, I was also excited when I realized I received their free Grill Recipe Book just for signing up for a newsletter! I appreciate quality recipes from people I trust that they know what they are doing. Grilling can be easy and bland or phenomenal, there really is no in-between.

Because we were eating this specific meal with the kiddos, we toned down the experimental ingredients a tad and stuck to some basic seasonings. You can see the recipe here.


This post is an affiliate post. Meaning I received free product in exchange for review. All thoughts and opinions are my own and are true based on my knowledge and experience. 


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