Graduation – My newest accessory

So I’ve debated many times about sharing this personal accomplishment of mine but then as I sat at my convocation I was inspired by the speakers and felt strongly about sharing my random and somewhat typical story. But this summer I took a couple of months off from my blog because I was finishing up my final semester of college.

About a week ago I graduated with my Bachelors degree. Not such a big deal, people get them every day, and many would comment that it is just an accessory of life. But to me it is one accessory that took a long time to get, and something I had my heart set on. In fact I didn’t really feel like celebrating it because it wasn’t a big deal but some amazing friends told me I would get such closure and it is worth celebrating no matter my age…so I walked. 🙂

Two days before my 10 year high school reunion I walked and received my bachelors. But the journey to get it is not as rare as I thought.

My husband and I married exactly one month after I turned 20 (he was still 19) and we were both freshman in college. We both worked full-time, put ourselves through school, and just 2.5 years after we were married we found out we were expecting our first baby. From that point on school took a back seat for me as I worked full-time, helped my husband finish school and had a baby. But I didn’t quit school, I kept going part-time.

Two weeks after our daughter turned one my husband graduated college, 3 months later we bought a house, moved, and we both started new positions at work. We were hoping to have another baby a couple years later but to our surprise, just two months after moving into our home, we found out we were expecting again. I continued to attend school part-time, still working full-time, with a 1-year-old and pregnant. Life was stressful some days and rightfully so, but I kept on picking away at my courses one or two classes at a time.

Finally, I completed my degree this summer two weeks before our third child turns one. The journey to get my degree was full of the life trials everyone faces, craziness of work and promotions for my husband, and the draining late nights every semester to get my work done while kids slept.

My husband congratulated me, but really we went through college together and I wouldn’t have changed anything; well maybe I wouldn’t have changed my degree so many times. 🙂

The speakers at my convocation were both in their 30’s, had completely quit school, pursued life opportunities, and came back to finish. Though their stories and circumstances were different than my own, they continued to pursue the goal, and like me they were finally marking off another goal on our bucket list. Our degrees are now a very useful accessory to life which we are now proud owners of.

Do I wish I would have had my degree completed by the time I was 22? Well of course! But Most 22-year-olds aren’t celebrating 2 years of marriage and expecting their first child. I was jumping ahead on some goals and taking my time with others.

But today, I sit here content and excited for my next adventures as I watch my almost 1-year-old crawl around and my other two playing basketball in the back yard, and I am so grateful that they give me a higher appreciation to everything in my life, including my “life accessories”.

I’m done now, so that means back to work and back to blogging! Yay! And please forgive me for my lack of posts and some posts that are way past due. 🙂

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