Getting Organized

Organizing isn’t a chore for me, it’s a hobby!

Totes, labels, files, clean tags, shelving, drawer organizers; you name it, I love it.

If my home is not organized, I cannot function on all cylinders. So, I started with the jobs I put off the most; cleaning out the closets!

My husband and I went through our closets and thinned out what we never wear. I boxed up the kid’s clothes and what they don’t wear. I put them in storage (just in case). I mended the things that needed it, and tossed the items that shouldn’t be worn. 🙂 If it hadn’t been worn in the past year, get rid of it.

I tossed games! It’s true. I went through every cabinet and closet getting rid of toys and games that haven’t been played with in years. I even got rid of my children’s play kitchen; it had dust! My daughter cried when I told her I gave it away, but she quickly recovered and was off playing with something else. 🙂

I don’t know about you, but we have totes, boxes, and chests of tools, house supplies, hardware, etc. everywhere! So I tossed the items I didn’t know what they went to, organized tools, and categorized everything. Out came the labels!

Laundry Room
This was the part I put off the most, and it was also the most rewarding! I finished building a new shelf above the washer & dryer and put everything in organizers. Cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, first aid kits, and even my dehydrator and my breadmaker.

Next, I downsized. I got rid of things I’ve never used, and furniture that was just taking up space. It feels so good to shed the misc. stuff around the house. If you think you are going to do  something with it, and it isn’t a family heirloom or something important, and it’s been sitting around for more than 6 months – toss it. You can replace it later when you decide to actually use it.

Go through boxes, totes of old things, same thing – if you aren’t going to use it, and it’s just going to sit in a box – take a picture, or scan it, and toss the original. Digital files take up a lot less space. 🙂

Room by Room
I went room by room and organized them. Organizing toys, clothes, decorations, shoes, crafts, books, loose papers, and appliances. It’s been great!

Last but not least, my hubby and I organized our garage and dejunked what we don’t use. Again, if you haven’t used it in the last year, toss it.

It has felt so good around here and getting rid of the clutter that acumulates from life. And if it doesn’t have a spot, or a plan, toss it. 🙂

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