General Conference Quilts

When it comes time to sit and listen to LDS General Conference I need to keep my hands busy while I listen. It is just necessary, and I notice I remember more as I multitask. One of my favorite things to do during General Conference is to quilt!

I know, I know – you were probably expecting activities for kids – but my munchkins are still at the coloring stage – so if you are looking for something like that – check this post out. 🙂 But, if you are looking for an activity – for you…try a quilt!

Quilt? But isn’t it noisy? Yes, yes it is. But the tedious amount of time it takes to count out the sometimes intricate pieces of the quilt is the perfect activity! I can sew my rows between sessions or at a later time, but the tedious part is done and it is easy to move on to the next part when conference is over.

Here are a couple quilts I’ve made my daughters and you can find the tutorials here. I will be making some new quilts and posting about them after they are done in a couple weeks! 🙂

AND…. if you aren’t a quilter – please check out my past posts about amazing General Conference Crafts!
Here, Here, and Here. 🙂

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