General Conference Crafts

Twice a year our church has a televised conference where we receive direction and revelations from our Prophet and church leaders. It happens the first Sunday in April and October and lasts for a total of 8 hours for televised sessions. Because of the length of the sessions I always plan activities for the kids and myself (I can’t sit still) to keep us occupied while we listen; our living room floor becomes a lounge area with quiet activities. So here are 10 craft ideas I recommend this fall. 🙂

1. Family History
This fall I highly recommend that anyone preparing for conference activities to use these posts I have about family history and spend the time preparing and working on family history while you listen to the conference addresses.

2. Fall Wreath
I can’t wait to post the one I’m making this weekend for Halloween. But you can get a good sized wreath at JoAnn’s or use an old frame and decorate it. I’m using a frame this time, and I can’t wait! Here is an idea from one I made before.

3. Quiet Books
As for my kiddos this year, we have spent many hours working on laminated quiet books and they will be keeping busy with those. But if you haven’t made yours yet, this might be a great chance to spend your time coloring your quiet books.
We are also making a few new ones by creating matching games with the temples and states where those temples are located, and also matching the photos of our Prophet and Apostles with their names. This will be easy for them to do and they can color the state cards very easily.

4. Crafts
Check out some of these fun crafts and activities. I did the pillowcases this summer, but I’m excited to hopefully work on the letters and have my kiddos help. They can match the sides up and help make them. So easy.

5. Organize Photos
This is also something that is easy. If you are anything like me you have boxes and envelopes of old photos in addition to hundreds of digital images. I have an entire post dedicated to how to organize photos but you can start the process by deleting anything you don’t want while listening, and organizing them (both physical and digital) by year, and if you are really ambitious, name them.

6. Organize Your Life
I must admit I haven’t done this yet, I’m working on it, but I’m no where close to being done. But I’m following her outline. Check THIS out.

7. If you are not already linked up with Shutterfly – sign up now. You can’t pass up all of the free stuff they offer and coupons you get via email. I always design 8×8 books and then when I get one free, I can just order it. But this is a great activity to do while listening, just design a few pages here and there.

8. Menu
I’m horrible with menus. It takes me a long time (I have a picky eating family) to even decide on a grocery list. But I’ve decided to get super organized even down to a shopping list for each meal! It may take me a while, but writing and getting organized with 3×5 cards sounds perfect for me. 🙂

9. FHE
Last spring one of the activities I planned was FHE sticks. See THIS post for more details!

10. Quilt
I don’t recommend pulling out the sewing machine, because you won’t be able to hear. However, sitting on the floor and cutting out blocks is always very soothing and doesn’t require too much thought while I’m listening and watching conference. Just make sure you have everything you need before you sit down. 🙂 Here is my latest quilt.

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