Garden Starts

I’ve never been great at starting my garden early enough. I always put it off too long, then I get discouraged, and eventually I’m left with a pretty weed free garden of dirt. This year I decided to get ahead.
I planted my garden starts last Monday…and I’m so proud because they are sprouting! 🙂 I used ice cube trays and old shoe boxes. 🙂 Check it out.
With the shoe box make sure you have a water proof base under the box so when the moisture saturates the box it doesn’t fall apart on you. Because the box is cardboard you don’t need to worry about adding anything below the soil in the shoe box. plant, sun, and water.
If you are using ice trays, make sure you place a marble or a small rock in each section to allow for space for the water. I placed mine in a windowsill and watered them once ever 4-5 days. They did great!


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