Dress Tutorial

Okay, I am really proud of this project, I don’t know why – maybe just because my kids look so dang cute. 🙂 I was given lots of fabric scraps and had 1 yard of each print and a few yards of lace. I didn’t have a pattern, but I knew what I wanted to do with it. Here is what I came up with. Enjoy. 🙂

Final Product


Step 1: Fold fabric so that 1/2 of the width of the dress will fit, place the center of the dress on the fold.
Step 2: I took one of my daughter’s shirts and laid it on the fabric as a guide for cutting out the arm holes.

Step 3: Take the two pieces and lay them with prints on the inside and sew the seams.
Step 4: Take the second piece of fabric and use your first piece as a pattern. But make sure your apron layer is about 2-3 inches wider than the dress layer to give you room for ruffles or pleats.

Step 5: After sewing both layers of the dress on the outside, hem them both. Make sure to roll the fabric twice when you hem so that there is no exposed fabric edges. Do this for all edges of the dress layer, including under the arms.
Step 6: Hem the top of the apron layer so that there is about 1 inch piece at the top.
Step 7: Line up the two layers so that the top of the apron layer is even with the top of the fabric under the arms. Line up the fabric so it is equally aligned (flat- no ruffles) to the back of the dress. Sew over the hem line on the apron layer to attach the two layers together. Do not sew the front just yet.
Step 8: Ruffle and pin the front portion of the apron to the dress layer. Equally space the ruffles or pleats across the front. Then sew over the hem line like you did on the back.
Step 9: Measure the dress on your little one, pin lace for straps where they need to be sewn. Cut extra lace and roll it to give you more fabric to sew to.
Step 10: Sew two layers of the same lace around the bottom of the apron layer. Be sure to sew the bottom one first, then raise the second one a little to create a ruffle.
I made 3 various sizes of rosettes out of the same ribbon and glued them to the front of the dress. I also took a similar shade of ribbon and made a headband for her, as well as an extra rosette out of the apron fabric for her hair. And finally, for my son, I made a necktie for him. I love them, I think they turned out cute, especially on them. 🙂 Good luck.


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