DIY Wooden Arrow

Wow, the new year has kicked my butt. It’s only the 22nd! 🙂 I’ve had a lot of family and crazy personal changes in my life, but nothing that has stopped me. Actually, I have never been this motivated and excited for the changes in my life.

I’ve been loyal to my goals for the year and I’m doing pretty great at them…some days are better than others; but that is life. Our little girl finally figured out how to sleep on her own without her feet in my back. 🙂 Yay for the rem cycle!

But this year is going to be full of lots of new posts, new ME, and new opportunities I’ve been intimidated by in the past. Forget intimidation; it’s a mental psych-out that just screws me over and makes me regret not doing things I should have. Let’s go 2014! So to start the year off, here is one my new posts about stuff I built. 🙂

I have many passions but building things from scratch is one of my favorites, no matter how small or big. I saw a post a while ago over at Simply Sadie Jane where she made some fun arrows for the toy room. I loved them but I wanted something a little more chunky.

I headed to my favorite playground over at Home Depot and grabbed some knotty 2x4s and 1x2s. I got home and used my saw to cut various lengths but all with 30* angles. I also trimmed off about 1/2 inch off the sides of the tails and then used those pieces on the tail as well.

I used wood glue to fasten all pieces together. It is tedious, but I pieced various sections together, let them dry thoroughly and then proceeded to piece it together further. My tip of my arrow is centered in the 2×4 center section. It should be able to stand on it’s side when completed.
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