DIY – Dress Up Closet

Most families with little girls know that “dress up” is the best thing to play. I know, I remember doing it myself. But the toy box was overflowing with tutus, tiaras, and fluff, so this mama got a wild hair.

I remembering one dress that I had was black and it had an underskirt but the top was just strips and strips of fabric. I felt like a princess whenever I twirled and they would all spin around. Our whole family dresses up for Halloween – it is one of our favorite holidays!


I found this dresser and knew just what to do with it! I took off the bottom legs to make it shorter, stripped the inside and framed it in. Nothing a hammer and drill couldn’t handle. 🙂

Finally, a nice coat of paint and a clothes bar that I picked up at Home Depot. My daughter loved it! I stenciled some designs down the sides too. And WA LA!


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