DIY Cupcake Stand

I love making cupcakes, not that I’m any good. But who doesn’t love making them? You can make your own frosting, toppings, and flavors!

But after they are made, and they look so yummy, where do you put them? Wherever it is, if it isn’t on a beautiful stand then it isn’t the right place.

I decided to make a thrift store cupcake stand! I’ve seen this DIY a couple times and tried it myself. Nothing fancy. I spray painted 3 plates white, and glued a couple candle holders in between. Plates $2.00, paint $1, candle holders $1.50, Total cost – $4.50. And if my 2-yr old breaks it, oh well. đŸ™‚

I ended up making a second one too and let my daughter paint the plates before we assembled it together. She was so excited to use it for her tea parties and her events.


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