DIY Bunk Beds

Well, I decided to build some diy bunk beds. I never had bunk beds, there was never a need since I’m an only child. But now we have two daughters and two sons and they are sharing rooms. I suppose they were inevitable.

Rory (my hubs) did have bunk beds growing up and he always said how obnoxious the metal ones were. The rattled and shook. So when it came time to get serious about some for our girls, his only prerequisite was that they had to be made of real wood and must be sturdy.

With much effort for looking for a “pretty” set that fit this description and at a price that was realistic, I decided to accept defeat and we purchased a massive wood set. It had a desk, dresser, ladder, and everything else. It took up their room so much that no matter the angle this “ship” (it totally reminded me of an old wooden ship shrunk down), it still took up their entire room.

Well…I knew Rory wouldn’t support me selling this vessel and building a new one, so I waited until we was leaving for an international work trip where he wouldn’t have Facebook access. I listed it just as he was supposed to be departing on his last leg of his flight. Well to my dismay, his flight was delayed and he totally saw my post about the bunk beds for sale. lol

Long story short, they were sold and the lumber and supplies were all purchased before he returned home. 🙂

Bunk Beds Original Plans


Sanded, just need to paint. Boom! I’m not certain who is more excited, me or my girls.

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Ignore the mess if you can. Bunk beds are almost there. I’m certain I’m the most excited at this point.

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  1. Wow! What a great job! I love the pillows and the white paint is so refreshing! Did you build a ladder or do they climb up the end? Great DIY project and I love that you got everything purchased before your husband came home!

  2. Those bunk beds are beautiful! I’m sure when your children get older and see your article, they will have a new appreciation for everything you did to make their beds. I can’t believe you did this yourself, one word…Wow!

  3. This will come in handy over the summer when we close on our home. We need to get the boys out of our bedroom and bunk beds might be the answer. They love sleeping together and it’ll save us some space.

  4. These look like very pretty bunk beds. It reminds me of making one for my daughter when she was younger. I think she is just a bit past that stage now and we are moving on to regular beds. Great job though.

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