Dance Birthday Party

Of all the birthdays we’ve celebrated for our little people, turning 6 seemed to be the hardest. I feel like she went from being a little girl to being a young lady and I don’t like it one bit.

We usually give our kids a choice between a birthday party or a gift from mom & dad. Our daughter usually chooses the party because she is a social butterfly. But this year we surprised her with a gift (because we got it wrong at Christmas) and her party. I’m not the fanciest mom, but I do believe a little decor goes a long way…same with frosting. 🙂

I had to let my OCD go a little bit because the frosting my daughter selected didn’t match her theme of her party… seriously drove me crazy, but sometimes, you just gotta let your 6-year-old be 6 and decorate how she wants.



Our Diva wanted a karaoke machine for Christmas, and Santa brought the “wrong one”. So for her birthday we had to step it up and purchase something “more professional” (her words). So this girl got the real deal and was super stoked about being able to start her music career from her bedroom. 🙂




Apparently being 6 gives you the overnight ability to have bipolar tastes in …well… everything. She wanted candied popcorn (a party staple at our house – but this year I said no to the candied part because there was already enough sugar), dipped pretzels, dipped marshmallows, lemonade (her favorite), and cupcakes and ice cream. To the parents who let their girls come…I’m sorry they had a sugar high for the next 24 hours. It actually came together really well. It was fun planning a birthday party with her and seeing what she felt went great together. Next year, I might advise a little more.





She said she wanted a “dance party” themed birthday. But as we began planning and picking out the details, it came together more as an all girly themed party. Basically, anything with stripes (her new favorite), flowers, and pink was allowed. Thank heavens for Small & Simple decor that fit this random themed party.




To match the dance theme of the party the girls used 18-20″ ribbon and tied them around bracelets to dance with. As they dance and spin the ribbon flows. They also used empty water bottles and colorful beads to make spirit sticks. 12 little girls shaking “spirit sticks” was super loud, but they loved it. And finally, she wanted to have everyone paint their feet and dance across a 20′ piece of butcher paper to make dance art. Sadly, we didn’t get to it before parents started to arrive, but I foresee some fun summer plans with this.

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